China smart grid research

China’s smart meter market is expected to grow to 500 million units installed by 2015, according to a report by RnR MarketResearch.

In 2014, China’s energy sector invited 21 tenders for a total of 310 million smart meters, in which three tenders for 61.8 million smart meters, close to the level (62.1 million) in the whole 2013, were completed during January to September of this year, stated the report.

Metering exports

Chinese metering manufacturers are making smart modules to meet domestic demand but have are also exporting to more than 130 countries and regions.

In 2013, the export volume of smart meter topped 608,000 (a year on year increase of 18 per cent), in which 37.7 per cent was exported to Germany, 17.3 per cent to Vietnam, and 8 per cent to the Netherlands, according to Smart Meter Industry Report, 2014-2018.

Major players in China’s smart meter industry include Ningbo Sanxing Electric, which holds a 8.5 per cent market share of the 1S three-phase smart meter market and 61 per cent of the 0.5S three-phase smart meter companies.

Another interesting highlight from the report showed that in July 2014, phase I of Huizhou Smart Grid & Internet of Things (IoT) Project (with investment of RMB1.15 billion) of Shenzhen Haoningda Meters was put into production, which increased capacity by 7.5 million single-phase smart meters and 1.5 million three-phase smart meters each year.

When Phase II is put into production in December 2016, 500,000 more smart water meters and acquisition terminals as well as 1.5 million more IoT RFID reading device series products will be manufactured annually.

Funding metering expansion

Hangzhou Sunrise Technology was formally listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 2014, and the raised fund was utilized to expand capacity of smart meter and power utilization information acquisition system.

When the projects all reach the designed capacity, the annual capacity of the company will be lifted by 800,000 three-phase smart meters, 2.8 million single-phase smart meters and 400,000 sets of power utilization data collection system.