Smart meters Asia: TNB hints at large-scale rollout following pilot


TNB smart meter pilotMalaysian state utility Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) will consider a national rollout in 2016 if a smart meter pilot is successful.

A source at the energy company said that if everything went well, TNB would be ready for a national rollout next year, reports local media source The Star Online.

Kamaliah Abdul Kadir, distribution division senior general manager at TNB, said the uti­lity had commissioned the pilot project in Malacca involving 800 households last month.

Energy efficiency goal

However, Ms Kamaliah cautioned in an email interview that the smart meter project was still at its infancy stage.

She said: “The main objective of this project is to enhance sustainable energy and energy efficiency adoption among Malaysians.”

“Customers need to see how the system can add value to the existing electronic or mechanical meters as it teaches them to learn to adjust their consumption behaviour based on the information made available by the home display screen.”

Kamaliah added that the smart meter system would also allow TNB to introduce detailed billing based on consumption profiles.

She said: “As the pilot project implementer, we at TNB want to find the best technology within the smart meter’s features that best suit our custo­mers’ expectations and meet the objectives set.”

Kamaliah said TNB would have to conduct a series of tests related to cellular technology, radio frequency and power line ­carrier communication (for data trans­mission) before the system could be successfully implemented.

Revenue protection

Another objective of the smart meter system is to reduce TNB estimated losses of US$1.5 billion due to electricity theft over the past decade.

In June 2014, reported that TNB had installed 1,000 advanced meters in the regions of Putrajaya and Malacca during the one-year period of the pilot project.