Indonesia expands smart payment deal with Itron


In a press statement, Itron said it will supply an additional 500,000 smart payment meters for deployment under the utility’s automated metering infrastructure project.

In the previous deal, the energy management firm supplied Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PT PLN) with 635,000 smart payment meters.

Itron is partnering with its Indonesian subsidiary PT Mecoindo for implementation of the project.

The decision by PT PLN to deploy smart payment meters falls under its efforts to help its customers to manage their energy usage in line with their budgets and needs. The smart payment meters provide consumers with access to view their remaining energy balance and plan ahead in regard to their payments to avoid untimely energy shut-offs.

The project will also help the utility recover its revenue lost to bad debts. [Itron firm wins smart prepayment deal in Indonesia]

Septa Hamid, general manager of supply chain management at PT PLN, said: “Itron’s smart payment solution is helping PT PLN enhance our ability to provide convenient and affordable electricity services to energy consumers in Indonesia.”

Smart meters landscape-Asia

The news follows an announcement made in October, 2016 by the government of Singapore that it is conducting studies for large-scale smart meter rollouts.

The Singaporean government said it is investigating the possibility of large-scale smart meter deployment for electricity, gas and water supply.

Singapore’s Energy Market Authority (EMA), together with national water agency and grid operator Singapore Power, announced that they will be issuing a call for proposals for a smart meter trial, aimed at helping consumers to be more efficient in their power, water and gas consumption.

According to the Business Times, currently, most electricity meters in Singapore are read manually once every two months, together with gas and water meters.

The EMA, the national water agency and Singapore Power are working toward developing a technical solution for remotely reading electricity, gas and water meters reliably and in a cost-effective manner.

The trial will also include the development of a mobile application to provide consumers with real-time information on their electricity, water and gas consumption.