Smart water: from Kamstrup meters in China to Trimble mapping software


Energy meter manufacturer Kamstrup was one of several Danish companies that presented at a water sustainability seminar last month in China in a bid to win a share of US$294 billion investment in smart water solutions.

The session held in Wuxi, Jiangsu, a drought-stricken province in eastern China, focused on water supply efficiency solutions, according to local media reports.

Kamstrup showcased its smart water meter technology, which detects water leakage with ultrasound waves before analyzing the data.

China is estimated to be one of 13 nations worldwide described as having the scarcest water resources.

An estimated 16% of water supply was lost during transmission in China’s 675 cities in 2011, amounting to total of 6.68 billion cubic meters.

The Chinese government has plans to invest 1.8 trillion yuan (US$294 billion) in water-resources projects, during the 12th five-year national development plan period.

Water asset management

Meanwhile, in other water sector news, US smart water mapping company Trimble announced this week the latest version of its cloud software for work management.

Trimble Connect for Water version 1.9 includes applications that allow water, wastewater and stormwater utilities to locate, inventory and visualize infrastructure assets and increase operations and maintenance efficiency.

The cloud software works on Trimble’s GNSS mobile devices and Esri’s GIS technologies to integrate 3D mapping into utility field workflows, enabling mobile workers to precisely locate and map the horizontal position and elevation of buried infrastructure.

Trimble Connect for Water version 1.9 can be configured and deployed on Trimble and non-Trimble mobile devices, laptops, tablets and smartphones, including Apple iPads, iPhones, Android, Windows and Windows Mobile devices to automate fieldwork and eliminate paper-based maps.

The software includes new features including capturing accurate vertical elevations in real-time. Combined with horizontal precision, the solution provides high-accuracy GIS data that can be used to measure pipeline slopes, perform flow analysis and generate 3D and hydraulic models.