Smart meters: South Korea records 19% decrease in water leaks


A rural county in South Korea completed a rollout of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled smart water meters under efforts to modernise water billing processes.

Gochang partnered with Australian-based IoT firm Freestyle Technology in implementing the project.

Freestyle Technology provided the county with smart water meter infrastructure, related technologies and project management services.

A total of 24,104 households were equipped with the new smart water meters.

Kim Sang-ah, manager at Gochang Waterworks, said: “We approached it as a welfare project for residents.

“The meters allowed us to accurately relay information to residents on their usage and bill, which were one of the main complaints we received previously. Another is preventing damages from leakages. Cost stemming from water leakages fell 19% in March from a year ago.”

The smart water meters helped the county to reduce its operational expenses incurred through manual meter reading and monitoring of water distribution infrastructure.

Previously, the county’s utility division would take one to two months to confirm and address a water leakage on consumer premises. The new system enables the utility to remotely monitor its distribution network in real-time.

“We are mulling over a smart streetlamp project that will use the same repeaters that we use for the water meters.”