Tata Power improves rural electricity access with new microgrid


The solar microgrid was developed and will be managed by Tata Power’s subsidiary Industrial Energy Limited (IEL) in partnership with a Village Development Committee (VDC) organised by residents of Baliapal village in Jajpur district. Odisha is an eastern Indian state on the Bay of Bengal.

Funding and construction of solar microgrid

IEL provided 90% whilst the VDC contributed 10% of the funds used in constructing the microgrid plant.

The solar microgrid will provide electricity to some 255 rural consumers of Tata Power in Baliapal village.

Commenting on the development, Vijayant Ranjan, CEO of IEL, said: “Renewable energy sources and technologies have the potential to provide solutions to longstanding energy problems being faced by villages in India.

[quote] The project is part of efforts by Tata Power to improve access to electricity for people in rural areas under the government’s rural electrification programme.

“A major part of rural India is still deprived of electricity, which is crucial for meeting socio-economic goals and overall human development,” added Ranjan.

The solar microgrid is claimed to be the first of its type in Odisha.

Energy storage and renewable energy adoption

The news follows an announcement made by Tata Power Delhi of its selection of AES India and Mitsubishi for the development and integration with grid network of an advanced grid-scale energy storage array.

The 10MW Advancion energy storage array will demonstrate peak load management and is expected to increase system flexibility and support high levels of reliability for more than 7 million customers in the region.

According to a release, this is the first grid-scale project in India, and part of a larger global trend to solve critical infrastructure challenges using battery-based energy storage.Mr. Praveer Sinha, CEO of Tata Power-DDL, said: “For a rooftop solar program to be successful, it is important for the distribution network to integrate it with energy storage solutions to take care of power generation spikes and fluctuations, system stability, reactive power compensation and grid emergencies.

“Tata Power-DDL has implemented many smart grid technologies and is privileged to implement India’s first utility-scale 10 MW storage solution with AES and Mitsubishi Corporation. This will prove to be an important learning for developing integrated rooftop solar and storage solutions for India.” Read more…


Image credit: Shutterstock.