Pakistan tech organisation Centre for Intelligent and Secure Network Research (CISNR) has launched a prototype to detect real-time line losses and auto-generate bills.

Using wireless sensor networks to pick up electricity theft directly at the source, ‘electrocure’ will take data directly from the grid to a centrally managed database, “without any end user intervention”, said Dr Gul Muhammad, director of CISNR.

The prototype system is being used by utility Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco), which has seen a shortfall of 3,200MW in the north-western province due to theft and line losses.

Dr Muhammad said: “CISNR has introduced the idea of harmonics through which Pesco will be warned of the theft and the number of units stolen.

“The abuser will first be notified and then the system will automatically damage his electronic appliances if he does not comply with the warning.”

Pesco is lay down 600 kilometres of insulated cable and has already introduced digital meters.

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