Taiwan to partner with Panasonic for smart meter connectivity


Taiwan Power Company will partner with Panasonic Corporation under the utility’s smart meter programme.

This follows Panasonic Corporation filing its proposal for the power utility to adopt the company’s HD-PLC high-speed power line communications technology for smart meter connectivity.

Following the filing, a verification testing of the firm’s wireless technology and power line communications technology was held successfully in Taipei City in September last year.

The communications technology was able to ensure:

  • A data collection rate of 99 % at 15-minute intervals between the smart meters and the power company’s data collection center.
  • Evaluation of smart meter installation conditions in various situations such as a case installed under the eaves of detached houses, and a case of each meter installed in a basement room for commercial buildings or condominiums.
  • The testing verified that power lines could transmit from middle and high voltage transformers placed on roads to meters below buildings.

The technology conforms to the IEEE 19012 international standard as well as to ITU-T G.9905 multi-hop technology for relay functions, allowing communication of several Mbps over long distances.

Taiwan Power Company started accepting proposals for technology relating to communications systems in June 2017 following an approval to deploy approximately 260,000 smart meters for residential customers as from December 2018.