Tender news: India’s DHBVN seeks smart meters for commercial users


Indian utility to issue smart meter tenderIn India, power distribution company DHBVN has said it will issue a tender next week for the installation of smart meters for larger power users within its service territory.

DHBVN said it plans to install advanced metering technology within the next three months to help cut meter tampering and improve the accuracy of meter readings for customers using 10KW or more, the Times of India reports.

DHBVN reports that 70% of its commercial customers have complained of irregularities in meter readings.

Arun Kumar Verma, managing director at DHBVN, said on Monday that the distribution company would kick off installation of smart meters across all nine service area within three months, starting with the city of Gurgaon, near New Delhi.

Mr Verma confirmed that: “We will be roping in a private agency for supplying these meters for which the tender process will begin on February 25.”

India’s smart grid potential

India is touted as being the largest smart grid opportunity in the world and is forecast to invest US$21.6 billion in smart grid infrastructure in the next decade in a bid to curb rampant electricity theft, according to a new study published today by US company Northeast Group, which sets non-technical losses in India at US$16.2 billion a year.

UK smart metering company Cyan, which secured a GBP1 million deal with an Indian public utility in January 2015, commented on the opportunity offered by the Indian market, by saying: “At present, India has 200 million legacy meters currently deployed and it is estimated it will install 130 million smart meters by 2021.”