TEPCO selects G3-PLC and Wi-Sun for home energy management systems


TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company Inc.) has selected G3-PLC and Wi-SUN for the route B technologies for its rollout of smart meters, which will be deployed to 27 million customers over the next 10 years.

TEPCO is the largest Japanese utility, with 30% of the market, and other utilities are expected to follow its lead.

G3-PLC is an ITU standard since December 2011. The latest version adopted in May 2013 by the members of the G3-PLC Alliance finalized the convergence of the specifications between the G3-PLC Alliance reference version, ITU G9903 and IEEE P1901.2.

The G3-PLC Alliance version 3 specification is designed for all the frequency bands, ARIB, FCC and CENELEC. Furthermore, the G3-PLC Alliance has developed and secured the interoperability processes, tests and tools for the PHY, MAC, and 6Lowpan layers, for the three main regulatory world bands.

The Wi-SUN ECHONET-Lite specification version 2 was made available for product development in August 2013. The specification provides for fully interoperable, multiple vendor implementations helping to simplify technology selection, installation and maintenance for consumers and custom installers alike. It includes an authentication and encryption process between smart meter and home energy management system (HEMS), and between HEMS and home electrical appliances.

TEPCO is the first major utility to commit to adopting the Wi-SUN specification. TEPCO is also one of the first to commit to G3-PLC, with other utilities doing so including Enexis in The Netherlands and ERDF in France.