The Korea Smart Grid Association


The Korea Smart Grid Association (KSGA) is an organisation created by key industry leaders in Korea and the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) to promote the national life and to contribute to the sound development of the national economy by promoting the smart grid industry in Korea.

The KSGA was established on 21 May 2009 for the purpose of developing smart grid projects and encouraging the use of a smart grid electricity transmission system and renewable energies in order to contribute to national economic growth and to an improved quality of life.

The Association’s major tasks are as follows:

  • Projects for the establishment of smart grid infrastructure
  • Hosting seminars, exhibitions and training programmes on smart grid projects and providing support for those wishing to attend such seminars and exhibitions
  • Publication of newsletters
  • Analysing and providing information on smart grid technology via international exchange
  • Research and analysis on the smart grid
  • Conducting data/statistics analysis on smart grid related to industries
  • Conducting research on the smart grid in order to promote smart grid projects
  • Role as a mediator between the government and private sector stakeholders
  • Operating working groups related to the smart grid
  • Hosting industrial workshops
  • Standardisation project
  • Establishing a system for the development of standardisation and infrastructure on standards
  • Analysing information and international cooperation on standardisation
  • Creating smart grid standards.