US predictive energy intelligence to boost Japanese energy market


Innowatts has announced a strategic regional partnership with ABeam Consulting to introduce new analytics and AI-enabled technology to Japan’s recently deregulated energy market.

To date, Innowatts has provided nearly 20 million retail energy consumers with predictive energy analytics and AI-enabled solutions that help optimise energy cost and empower users with personalised energy products and services.

The partnership with ABeam will enable Innowatts to localise and deploy its platform learning from US retail markets to Japan’s rapidly evolving energy market, enabling the various stakeholders across the energy value chain with its smart-meter-enabled predictive energy intelligence eUtility platform.

“As market reforms take hold and competitive pressures increase, it’s important that we provide our clients the most effective tools and solutions to help them compete effectively,” said Takahiro Yamada, principal, head of Financial and Social Infrastructure Business Unit of ABeam.

“Adding the Innowatts technology to our solution suite adds a wide range of new tools and capabilities that leverages the experience of some of the world’s largest and most competitive retail energy markets.”

The initial focus of the partnership will be on new retail energy providers and other emerging market participants that can immediately benefit from Innowatts’ behind-the-meter customer intelligence and predictive capabilities, enabling them to better optimise and differentiate their price and service offerings.

“As one of the largest and most respected consulting firms and system integrators in Japan, ABeam brings a deep body of energy industry expertise and regional knowledge that will help us localise and scale our eUtility Platform to Japan and other Asia Pacific energy markets,” said Sid Sachdeva, CEO of Innowatts.