TEPCO connects 10 million AMI units and sensors


In a combined statement, Landis+Gyr said TEPCO is using the company’s IoT utility network for data telemetry between smart grid devices at a rate of 513 million intervals per day.

In total, TEPCO will use Landis+Gyr’s IPv6 IoT network to connect more than 27 million advanced meters and millions of smart grid sensors by 2020.

The solutions provider claims that its RF Mesh and G3 PLC-based wireless cellular communications network will enable TEPCO to transmit more than 1.3 billion interval data packets per day, once the utility completes its smart grid rollout by 2020.

Utility network and smart city rollout

In addition to the IoT utility network, TEPCO is also using Landis+Gyr’s head end system and meter data management solution for processing and management of big data.

TEPCO started the rollout and integration of the smart meters and smart grid sensors with Landis+Gyr’s IoT utility network 3 years ago.

The utility firm says it is installing one million smart meters and smart grid sensors every three months.

The project is part of efforts by TEPCO to expand and improve its operations by including smart city services to its 45 million customers.

For instance, the smart meters, smart grid sensors and Landis+Gyr’s IoT utility network will enable TEPCO to provide its customers with energy usage data every 30 minutes and operate up to 6.5 million demand response requests per hour. [Seattle City Light selects Landis+Gyr for improved grid operations].

Richard Mora, CEO of Landis+Gyr, said: “The challenges of routing and managing this magnitude of data are real, but we’ve been able to meet deployment objectives and are positioned to complete the project ahead of schedule.”

“Our deployment is making smooth progress, and reaching the 10 million endpoints on the network milestone is a clear indication of the efficiency of our program… The target for completion is in 2020, and I believe it can be accelerated, as benefits provided to meeting the customer needs are strong,” reiterated Hiroshi Yamaguchi, executive vice president, TEPCO.


Image credit: Shutterstock