Webinar recording: The rise of the C&I Buyer in Supporting ASEAN’s Energy Transition


The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on the wider energy industry has been significant with oil prices and power demand both suffering. With some positive signs that governments across ASEAN will not be turning their backs on a greener energy future, this panel will examine the role of the corporate buyer in driving the region’s energy transition.

As an increasing number of MNCs committed to the RE100 initiative prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was the potential for these C&I buyers to have the ability to positively impact the energy transition and indeed government policy across the region as they shifted both their own operations, and those of their supply chain, to low carbon energy solutions.

Acknowledging the ongoing situation and the increasing role of C&I buyers in driving system change, this panel explores:

• Examining RE use globally during the lockdown periods, what lessons have been learned?
• ASEAN government reactions; will there be a “knee jerk” fall back to thermal power?
• The rise of the importance of digital in the RE transition • Understanding the position of investors and financiers, how do they view the impact of COVID-19 on RE project development?
• Are corporate sustainability targets still a priority or has the focus shifted?• Tools and solutions to still allow sustainability/energy transition journey
• The role of RECs in supporting the drive towards renewable energy
• What are the policy changes required to enable the transition and encourage more RECs deployment?

Moderator: Adrian Wong, Partner | CMS

Ashwin Narayanan, Head of Special Projects (Renewable Energy)

Malakoff May Liew, Head of Sustainability & Open Innovation | SP Group

Vincent Bakker, Co-Founder & CFO/Project Finance | Positive Energy Ltd

Gavin ADDA, CEO – Asia (ex-China) | Total