Weishing pioneer of the Chinese electronic energy meter


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Changsha Weisheng Electronics Co., Ltd., an individual proprietorship company of Hong Kong, was established in 1992 with more than 600 staff members, 800 units of complete equipment and instruments suitable for the development, production and inspection of advanced electronic units and spare parts, 70,000m² of workshops and buildings for production and scientific research, and a service system and marketing network covering the whole of China, as well as some international markets.

As one of the earliest and largest enterprises in China researching and manufacturing intelligent energy meters, Changsha Weisheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is dedicated to technical innovation. The company has created well-known brands of fully electronic multifunction energy meters, single phase electronic multifunction energy meters, remote control recording systems and application system software for the entire energy industry. Quality and branding are the hallmark of the company’s products.

Today Changsha Weisheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is the pioneer in the Chinese electronic instrument market. The company’s share of the three phase electronic multifunction energy meter market ranks number one in China; it has been awarded the honour of the ‘First Brand’ award, won in 1998 for its high quality.

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Changsha Weisheng Electronics Co., Ltd. has an annual production capability of 500,000 units of three phase electronic multifunction energy meters and 2 million units of single phase electronic energy meters.

Since the establishment of the company, the sale of our products has increased by 30%-50% annually; sales in 2004 amounted to US$50 million. We have also actively exploited the international market – our products are sold in Cuba, Indonesia, Bangladesh and several African countries.

We have not only been at the forefront of the development of electronic energy meters and application technology; we have also kept pace with the changing requirements for electronic energy meters over recent years. Changsha Weisheng Electronics Company has developed and perfected its low, medium and high grade products, which are suitable for use in both commercial and industrial and residential applications. And we continue to make great efforts to maintain our position as a leader in the energy marketplace – our multifunction module electronic energy meter, ranking first in the world, will be produced from 2005 onwards.

Weisheng needs the world, and the world needs Weisheng. We look forward to moving ahead and achieving even greater heights with our international business partners.