Advanced meters now in 120,000 Christchurch homes


Christchurch, New Zealand — (METERING.COM) — December 14, 2009 – More than 120,000 Christchurch homes and businesses have now had old electricity meters replaced with new smart metering technology.

The new meters have been developed and installed by Christchurch-based advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) technology and services supplier Arc Innovations.

“Our new advanced meters are replacing meters that had been in operation for 40 years or more,” said Arc’s chief executive Simon Clarke. “Meters used to be read once every two months by a meter reader on foot and the householder got estimated bills. There were massive inefficiencies in that process, but now customers are getting billed accurately by their retailer and avoiding the hassle of a visit from a meter reader.”

Arc’s advanced metering solution uses wireless communication to deliver energy consumption data on a half-hourly basis. Arc has already provided more than one million monthly meter reads from its advanced meters.

The Christchurch advanced meter network installation is the first large-scale deployment of its kind in Australasia.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved in Christchurch,” continued Clarke. “The service we are providing at the moment is just the start. Arc’s vision is to change the game for energy consumers through giving them information and smart metering services.”