AMI-enabled billing, CIS and CRM solution launched


Brisbane, Australia — (METERING.COM) — May 23, 2007 – Mincom, a global software solutions provider for asset-intensive industries, has announced the launch of Mincom Smart Billing – a cost-effective, AMI-enabled solution for dynamic pricing, billing and customer relationship management.

The launch of the new solution offering is in response to the increased deployment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), or smart" metering, which is fundamentally changing the way customer information systems (CIS) must operate.

Mincom Vice President Stan Royal said: “Smart metering requires smart billing. Smart meters, smart thermostats and consumer web services are opening a new channel of communication between energy providers and their residential customers for timely usage, pricing and billing information.

“This new channel of communication is real-time and event-driven. Especially in markets with demand response programs, a real-time CIS must integrate with either a meter data management system or the AMI network itself to enable alerting consumers of peak pricing, process residential interval usage, calculate daily charges and produce informative energy usage reports.”

Most legacy CIS platforms do not operate in real time. Designed to only handle batch-oriented tasks, a traditional CIS would require substantial modification, or replacement, to handle real-time, asynchronous, or event-driven business processes. Mincom Smart Billing solves the problem and preserves legacy CIS investment. Built on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the solution automates real time business processes such as billing and customer care and readily integrates with both the AMI network and the legacy CIS, providing a robust and cost-effective solution.

Through AMI integration, Mincom Smart Billing drives the real-time customer communications channel and through CIS integration, the smart billing solution ensures business process continuity and preserves enterprise software investment.