Aus$22 million to save 10 billion litres of water p.a. in pilot study


Tony Burke,
Australia’s Federal
Water Minister
September 30, 2010 – Australia’s Federal Water Minister Tony Burke on Wednesday announced the commonwealth would give NSW $22 million to fund the Murray Pilot Project, in the southwest of NSW, Australia.

"This $22 million government investment will allow landholders in the upper Murray to better prepare for the future by delivering a more effective way to manage their water," Tony Burke said.

NSW Water Minister Phillip Costa said the pilot would save more than 10 billion litres of water each year.

"Sixty per cent of savings will be transferred to the Australian government to be managed by the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder and 40 per cent will be returned to water users.

"Accurate metering of water usage will mean improved water security and delivery for water users."

The pilot area extends from Tooma to Torrumbarry Weir, at the Victorian border.