Australasian utility metering association launched


A new association for utility metering professionals in Australia and New Zealand, the Utility Metering Association (UMA), has been launched.

The aim of the Association is to provide a forum where utility industry professionals and non-professionals (electricity, gas, water, irrigation) can discuss and debate issues associated with the development of a holistic, strategic approach to metering systems.

A number of working and discussion groups are being established in areas including demand management/energy efficiency, AMR/AMM/ AMI, billing/CRM processes, meter data management, measurement/ standards/certification for advanced metering, renewables, interval metering infrastructure and customer behaviour, and end-to-end business strategy.

The UMA was founded by Maria Cugnetto at the Metering, Billing/ CRM Australia/New Zealand 2006 conference in Brisbane, Australia, and the first results of the working groups are expected to be presented during the next edition of the event in Melbourne in November 2007.