AGL customers boost energy savings through solar system monitoring


According to a statement, through the Solar Command Check initiative, AGL will offer a free service to help its customers registered on the company’s solar tariff and with a smart meter with more than 30 days of energy usage data, to monitor the performance of their solar systems in real-time.

Through real-time monitoring of solar systems, consumers are expected to increase their energy efficiency savings resulting from optimised operation of energy generation system.

Elisabeth Brinton, executive general manager of New Energy at AGL, commented: “We believe most of the 1.7 million Australian households with solar installations have no monitoring in place at all.

“Although many manufacturers guarantee that solar panels will produce a minimum of 80 percent of capacity after 25 years and they cover defects for at least 10 years, most solar owners are unaware of how their system is performing.”

According to Brinton, households with a rooftop solar without a malfunction achieve energy efficiency savings of up to $1,600 per annum.

However, research has it that one fifth of these households fail to reach $1,600 in savings due to improper functions of their onsite rooftop solar systems.

AGL, smart energy investments and customer services

“We want customers to get the most out of their solar energy systems which is why we have introduced Solar Command Check. This service is a result of our investment in innovative ideas and technologies that benefit our customers, giving them control over their solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and helping them manage their energy bills,” added Brinton.

Solar Command Check includes the use of real time monitoring technologies will provide consumers with alerts in the event the system detects a problem within their PV systems.

The initiative will enable problems within consumer energy systems to be quickly addressed and avoid negatively impacting on consumer return on solar investments. [AGL Energy initiatives make energy easier for customers].

AGL has more than 3.5 million renewable energy consumers in Australia. The programme falls under efforts by AGL to expand its renewable energy business and achieve a target to generate 100% of its electricity from clean energy resources by 2050.


Image Credit: 123rf.