Energy Council: Australia fertile ground for innovators


Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) have said that smart energy devices will give greater control to electricity consumers, driving power price relief for homes and businesses.

Summer peaks in Australia are going to be under pressure as coal fired power stations are being closed across the country. CEC believes smart devices may be the way to mitigate some of this pressure.

‘Fertile ground for innovators’

According to Kane Thornton, the CEO of CEC, “Anywhere a significant problem exists is fertile ground for innovators to develop new and valuable solutions, and this is exactly what we are seeing across the energy sector right now.”

The Redback Smart Hybrid System is an example of this innovative approach. In a partnership with EnergyAustralia and Redback Technologies, the hybrid system promises customers more value for money from their solar panels, enabling intelligent controls to maximise monetary savings by utilising solar power during peaks times.

Following this is the launch of the Decentralised Energy Exchange (deX) by GreenSynch, which enables customers and communities to trade electricity.

The software platform allows homes and businesses to generate, store and control energy.

According to Thornton big opportunities exists for innovative and user-friendly new technology.

For example, two projects shared first place in the Innovation category of the 2017 Clean Energy Council Awards:

  • Horizon Power introduced a new way of billing modelled on mobile phone plans to make it more understandable. In addition, it created an app where users challenge themselves to stay under a set monthly allowance to save money.
  • AusNet Services partnered with Greensync and PowerTec on a community mini-grid project in Victoria. This also lets customers save money while using 100 per cent renewable energy.