Australian utility partners with US firm on energy efficiency pilot


In a combined statement, the two companies said the deployed technology has resulted in a 30% reduction in the use of energy during the utility’s planned peak events from December 2015 through to the first quarter of 2016.

Under the programme, the demand response software provider deployed its solution Action DR to allow the utility to engage its consumers on a personalised manner.

The solution included a mobile app HomeBeat which United Energy consumers used to monitor and manage their consumption during the four peak events through the provision of real time feedback.

[quote] With the app, consumers were also able to set their energy reduction targets, receive energy efficiency tips based on individual consumption levels as well as receive performance-based incentives. 

Lawrence Law of the Australian utility serving 64,000 consumers in Melbourne and Mornington said: “United Energy needed a residential demand-response solution that could engage customers, and is scalable and cost effective to implement.”

He said the utility selected Bidgely’s HomeBeat due to the technology’s ability to engage customers through the mobile app as well as its scalability. [Telstra plans to offer Australians home energy services]

Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely reiterated that its technology provides utilities with “ability to achieve high peak shift results without the capital cost of installing a load control switch. This not only reduces the cost of residential demand response by over five times, but also allows scalable deployment, thus enabling utilities to greatly extend their demand response program reach compared to traditional methods.”

Energy efficiency apps

Meanwhile in the US, power utility DTE Energy upgraded its energy efficiency tool ‘DTE Insight’ to help consumers reduce their power consumption and electricity bills.

The new feature allows customers to use the DTE Insight app to set an energy budget target, monitor their energy efficiency targets through access to daily, weekly, monthly and annual energy costs.

The app now connects mobile devices with smart gas and electric meters to allow consumers to receive notifications when they are approaching their targets. [DTE Energy upgrades energy efficiency tool].

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