Australian Utility Prepares to Enter Competitive Market


Aurora Energy, a Tasmanian-based utility, has chosen Gentrack Velocity CIS from Talgentra as one of the key systems to support its entry into Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM). Aurora Energy provides electricity distribution and electricity and gas retail services to over 250,000 customers. Gentrack CIS will perform all the meter data (MDMS) and standing data management (SDM) activities for both retail and network operations.

Aurora’s existing systems would not meet future requirements for entry to and participation in the competitive electricity market. The utility had to prepare for Tranche 1 of retail contestability in Tasmania, entry onto the National Electricity Market, and to comply with the Tasmanian Electricity Supply Industry code. In addition a process to operationally segregate its network and retail divisions was needed, as each has to communicate with the market independently. This has led to two separate Gentrack Velocity systems being installed, one for each arm of the business.