Australian utility preparing for smart metering rollout


Sydney, Australia — (METERING.COM) — July 6, 2007 – EnergyAustralia, with 1.4 million customers in New South Wales, has begun a rollout of smart meters across its customer base, but estimates that the project – called the Intelligent Network project – will take five years to complete.

Some 200,000 smart meters have already been deployed, and EnergyAustralia hopes to have 500,000 in place by this time next year. The company is looking to appoint several senior members of staff to the Intelligent Network team; their contracts will run for the five years of the project.

Australia is one of several countries planning to change to smart meters for the purposes of energy conservation and demand response programs. EnergyAustralia’s meters offer two-way communication using WiMax and IP networking technology.