Billing and customer management project successfully completed



Melbourne, Australia — (METERING.COM) — March 23, 2007 – ActewAGL, the largest provider of energy and water services in Australia Capital Territory (ACT), has successfully completed a 12 month billing and customer management upgrade project that utilized Talgentra’s newly developed Gentrack Velocity solution. Gentrack is the most widely used multi-utility billing and customer management software solution across Australia and New Zealand.

ActewAGL supplies electricity, green energy, natural gas, water, wastewater and internet services to over 150,000 homes in ACT and is a 2006 Customer Services Institute of Australia award winner for Call Centre services. ActewAGL has used Gentrack since 1994 to handle all billing and customer management activities for electricity and water customers, and with the arrival of full retail competition a complete review of existing systems was required.

Following a review of current solutions, ActewAGL chose Gentrack Velocity as the preferred solution, offering the advantages required to compete successfully in a full retail contestable market. Gentrack’s architecture simplified enterprise application integration within the business to support effective customer sign-up, real-time reporting and market interfacing to MSATS and market participants. ActewAGL was looking to streamline its billing and customer care systems and eliminate any duplication or manual processing that may have occurred, while having full access to the data in the open Oracle database.

The 360º view of the customer in Gentrack was clearly seen as delivering major advantages in a contestable market where “it is all about the customer”, according to ActewAGL CIO, Carsten Larsen. “Although one of the main drivers for system and process consolidation was efficiency, the Board made it clear that there also needed to be significant customer service and competitive benefits as a result of any major IT investment. Therefore, a fundamental requirement of the new system meant that it had to support the multitude of services that ActewAGL currently provides, and moreover support the development of new products we intend to provide to our customers”.

ActewAGL began to migrate billing, customer care, service order, collections and B2B interfacing functionality onto the Gentrack Velocity platform in October 2005, going live with the integrated solution 12 months later. As a true multi-utility billing platform, the use of Gentrack Velocity enables ActewAGL to offer dual fuel statements to its customers, both residential and commercial. In addition water, waste water, ISP and other services will be incorporated onto one statement in the next phase.

“Overall, we are extremely happy about our decision to consolidate our systems onto Gentrack Velocity,” concluded Mr. Larsen. “While the upgrade process was extensive, Gentrack is now managing our entire customer life cycle, delivering cost benefits through better operational efficiency, reduced training times and easier system maintenance”.