Canterbury-wide program for water metering suppliers


Dr Bryan Jenkins,
Chief Executive,
Christchurch, New Zealand — (METERING.COM) — May 17, 2010 – The Canterbury area regional council Environment Canterbury is rolling out a Canterbury-wide program to provide guidance and set standards for the water measuring industry ahead of the introduction of national regulations for water metering.  

Water measuring system installers and suppliers from around New Zealand are being invited to become “Authorised Service Providers” via a Request for Proposal process being run by Environment Canterbury in association with the Water Meter RFP Panel.

The Water Meter RFP panel includes Irrigation NZ and industry and farmer representatives.

The three water metering service categories are the supply of technology and installation services for water measuring devices and data loggers/telemetry systems, and supply of data hosting and compliance reporting services.

Industry service providers which submit proposals this year will be assessed by the Canterbury Water Meter RFP Panel and if they meet the necessary criteria will be granted Authorised Service Provider status for work in Canterbury.

The process follows on and widens a similar process last year in the Rakaia-Selwyn groundwater zone, where water measuring industry service providers were invited to submit details of their expertise, their technical systems, customer support, and pricing, for assessment by the Rakaia-Selwyn Water Meter RFP Panel. Suppliers who were approved in last year’s Rakaia-Selwyn process do not need to reapply.

“The Water Measuring Services Request for Proposals is the culmination of several years of work and co-operation between Environment Canterbury, irrigators and industry providers,” said Dr Bryan Jenkins, Environment Canterbury’s chief executive. “This is about ensuring water measuring suppliers are providing and installing equipment and systems which are accurate, reliable and cost effective for irrigators and other water users. It is also about putting in place systems to provide the information to better manage Canterbury’s freshwater resource.”

As a result of the national regulations, 98 percent of water takes greater than 5 l a second are expected to be metered by 2016. Every major water consent holder in New Zealand is required to install water meters within two to six years (depending on the size of their take) as a result of the Government’s national regulations for water metering (section 360), which are expected to be gazetted in September this year.  

Water Measuring Services Authorised Service Providers will be listed on Environment Canterbury’s website, along with other information, resources and relevant contact details.
Proposals must be submitted to Environment Canterbury by June 16, 2010.