Cloud services appeal to Origin Energy in face of stronger competition


Stronger competition from new energy retailers has forced traditional retailers like Origin Energy to fight to retain customers, says a report by the Australian Financial Review.

According to the report, this is seen by the abandonment of quarterly meter readings “in favour of active energy management through live data collection” enabled by advances in cloud technology.

Cloud computing has facilitated for large amounts of data to be stored and quickly processed on servers and facilitated a transition to a customer-centric energy market according to Amazon Web Services services executive, Adam Beavis.

Amazon Web Services executive Adam Beavis says data is driving big changes in the energy market.  Louie Douvis 

Speaking at The Australian Financial Review National Energy Summit on Wednesday, Beavis said the Origin Energy now collects smart meter data every half an hour, generating thousands of data points, up from just four per year from quarterly readings. All of the data is stored on AWS servers.

He continued that Origin was motivated to develop a data-centric customer approach, putting data in the hands of customers to combat low customer trust in energy retailers.

“AWS assists in consolidating customer data to provide this information through new technologies such as solar panels, batteries, electric vehicle chargers, and in-home devices to review functionality performance and maintenance,” he continued.

Origin sends automated notifications to customers to track the energy use of appliance and customers have allowed Origin Energy to remotely turn their air conditioner down by two degrees for two hours on hot days in efforts to balance demand.

Origin Energy is working with AWS to deploy machine learning to analyse customer patterns,  predict their satisfaction and intervene if they are at risk of losing the customer.