Competitive rates and superior service


New energy retail supplier Red Energy expects to offer competitive rates backed by superior service after implementing the Gentrack CIS billing and information system. The Gentrack software suite was implemented in time for the company’s launch on July 7.

With no existing customer base, Red Energy’s successful market entry depends on its ability to acquire new customers rapidly. The company is based in Victoria, where the markets are open and customers are able to choose from several service providers. Red Energy has been able to reduce electricity costs to consumers by automating many aspects of service. One key aspect is the incorporation of CRM features into the Gentrack software, which has improved the efficiency of Red Energy’s call centre.

Gentrack’s B2B data exchange and file manager also offer Red Energy significant resource and time efficiencies. Gentrack can send and receive data in many different formats, and automatically validate the source and structure of files, as well as automatically processing the data as required. /