IoT alliance Hypercat launches in Australia


[quote] Hypercat Australia is the Australian arm of a United Kingdom-developed alliance and standard that allows free communication from any connected Internet of Things (IoT) sensor or device being used to monitor an environment. [Centrica expands connected home business with IoT acquisition]

According to ZDNet, Hypercat Australia is being established as an independent, not-for-profit organisation that will be administered by the Knowledge Economy Institute (KEi), led by Dr. Mike Briers AO, Australia’s first Industry Professor of IoT at the University of Technology Sydney.

At the launch of the Hypercat Australia, the country’s assistant minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, Angus Taylor, said that the Australian government is currently exploring relationships with different jurisdictions to build smart cities that improve the lives of citizens.

Taylor was reported saying: “Hypercat Australia is one such partnership which will allow a platform to facilitate cutting-edge technology solutions to be applied to urban problems.

“I congratulate Hypercat on recognising the benefits for industry in sharing data which can be measured not only in collaborative formal partnerships, but in strong economic rewards.”

IoT in smart cities

The organisation believes that more and more, IoT is being used by smart cities to help inform decision making and improve city services including air quality, energy usage, traffic flows, and asset utilisation. [Actility partners on IoT network rollout in Finland]

The Hypercat standard was established in the UK three years ago with government support to enable Britain to take a lead on smart-city investments.

Piers Hogarth-Scott, national IoT leader of KPMG Australia, commented saying: “We believe the formula for establishing a world-leading smart, IoT-enabled Australian economy that drives growth and prosperity involves industry and government working together in focused sectors including smart cities.

“The launch of Hypercat in Australia aims to unlock the benefits of smart cities by creating an interoperable IoT ecosystem that gives confidence to cities and local government.

“More importantly, if we can play a role in fostering a global standard we can unlock the power of the Internet of Things for everybody.”

Hypercat Australia will also be the focus of the Australian government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Programme, which aims to support councils across Australia to fast-track open data and innovative technology solutions to fix local problems in a bid to make cities and suburbs more liveable, sustainable, and productive.