Meridian “˜ups’ the ante

Keith Turner

Christchurch, New Zealand — (METERING.COM) — August 11, 2006 – Meridian Energy, New Zealand’s state-owned generator and retailer, has today announced it has received strong interest in new smart metering technology from other regions of the country. This follows the announcement of a 100, 000 meter roll-out in Christchurch.

Chief executive Keith Turner said: “Meridian has upped the ante considerably by this move, and electricity consumers will now have greater expectations about the quality of the service they receive. It will be up to all retailers to deliver on those expectations”.

Turner further dismissed suggestions that the technology was more of a barrier and enabler to consumers, pointing out the meters strength lay in its ability to read actual consumption.

“That in itself is a huge step forward from current service levels. With every bill being based on consumption there will be no more of the large vacancies between a bill based on a meter read and an estimated bill, making household budgeting much easier”.

Dr. Turner emphasized there would be no extra cost to the consumer by the new meter installation or use.

The Smart Meter deployment in Christchurch is expected to take a minimum of two years to complete.