Meter data management platform benefits from new investment


The Foundation for Research, Science and Technology has invested NZ$1.64 million (US$1.16 million) in energy technology company Energy Intellect Ltd., to continue developing a meter data management system called Interactive Energy Enterprise, or iE2.

iE2 is designed to connect, collect, manage and deliver hundreds of thousands of data sets associated with advanced interval electricity meters. The platform operates independently of geographical boundaries in global markets with differing regulations and time zones.

The Foundation’s investment is being made through its Technology for Business Growth scheme. The opportunities presented by deregulation of energy markets are the driver behind the project.

Energy Intellect is developing three modules within iE2. The first, Interactive Back Office (iBO) is an intelligent end-to-end transaction processing platform that allows clients to process and manage their metering data. Interactive Energy Manager (iEM) provides graphical data to users on their energy usage and consumption patterns, while Interactive Energy Supplier (iES) will be a toolset for energy trading and forecasting for long term capital planning. /