Microgrid tech to kick fossil fuel reliance Down Under

Microgrid tech is poised to assist Australia's capital to kick its dependence on fossil fuels
Microgrid tech is poised to assist Australia’s capital to kick its dependence on fossil fuels

In Australia, Canberra’s Minister of the Environment Simon Corbell said this week that a policy that promotes investment in microgrid technology will diminish the Australian capital’s dependence on fossil fuel generated electricity.

At a recent microgrid conference held at the University of Canberra, the Minister asserted that Canberra requires an “orderly exit plan” from a dependency on coal-fired energy.

Commenting on the rapid development of energy technologies, Mr Corbell said, “The rate of technology development in the renewable energy sector is astounding.

“Whether in the rapid cost reductions we have seen in recent years in solar, in smart appliances, or in battery storage.”

Corbell added: “[Microgrid technologies have] exciting applications with the potential to achieve a more resilient and stable power solution for urban and remote areas.”

Microgrid-enabled electric network

The microgrid conference focused on implementing appropriate business models as well as design and planning needed to enable the successful deployment of microgrid systems in remote and grid-connected environments.

Corbell stated: “They are delivering a new, resilient, clean energy future for household and communities alike,” he said.

Distributed generation, energy storage, and microgrids were “all important parts of the transition” from coal-fired centralised energy generation.

“I am confident this move can and will happen … But only with government, industry and research communities working together.”

Corbell added that clean energy technologies are critical to match consumer and community demand to adopt renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.