New Zealand gears up for a Smart Grid


The New Zealand
transmission grid
(METERING.COM) — November 6, 2008 – Transpower, which owns and operates New Zealand’s high-voltage electricity transmission grids, recently announced that it was exploring the new technologies being developed worldwide around the ‘Smart Grid’ concept that could be applied to the country’s transmission system into the future.

Key industry players were in New Zealand to share their knowledge and expertise regarding ‘Smart Grid’ with Transpower, and also took the opportunity to visit a number of New Zealand transmission sites.

Transpower Chief Executive Patrick Strange said that although the company was already undertaking a number of innovative technology trials, including Demand Side Participation initiatives, it recognized the importance of keeping abreast of worldwide trends. "Building new assets, and refurbishing or replacing aging assets is only one aspect of the solution. ‘Smart Grid’ solutions will also play a key role in enabling us to achieve much more from the grid in coming years.”

Commenting on the rapidly developing grid technologies, he noted that grids will be smarter, more flexible and will enable the utility to get more benefits out of its assets. "It’s important that Transpower starts planning for this ‘future’ transmission grid now so that we can trial these new technologies, and incorporate them into the current system if they are useful,” said Patrick.