New Zealand multi-utility partners with Landis+Gyr for AMI rollout


Through Landis+Gyr’s fully operational and independent subsidiary, intelliHUB, the New Zealand deployment will deliver advanced metering services that include metering and operating services, at no additional cost to Trustpower customers.

While early stages of the joint programme will focus on harnessing the power of data to assist Trustpower in managing the amount and cost of the energy their customers consume, over time, AMI will enable Trustpower to integrate multiple technology solutions by leveraging a shared communications and data management platform.

Trustpower and AMI rollout

intelliHUB provides end-to-end smart metering, as a service, to utility customers. Focusing on services packages tailored specifically to the individual utility’s needs, these solutions can include applications and software, communication, network management and metering devices.

intelliHUB CEO, Peter Birk, said the company’s innovation roadmap is focused on enabling utilities to provide their customers with proactive energy management and control.

“By addressing new and emerging opportunities such as consumer and grid analytics, smart load control, prepay and smart cities, and offering it as a service to utilities via intelliHUB, we’re helping them ensure that they, and their customers, have access to the latest technology today and long into the future,” he added.

“The transition to AMI is a natural progression for Trustpower and our customers. We’re excited to be working with Landis+Gyr to bring their innovation, technology and service model to the New Zealand market – ultimately, this capability will mean we will be able to offer our customers the best in digital meter services and scale up innovation rapidly on demand,” said Trustpower GM Business Solutions and Technology, Simon Clarke.