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Over the past year steeply rising oil prices against a background of continually growing demand have brought into stark relief the costs of energy for the end user and the needs for energy efficiency and secure, sustainable supply.

Cesare Tizi joins Talgentra as head of Gentrack in Australia

[img:Cesare_0.jpg| ]Cesare Tizi has been appointed as head of Gentrack Australia. Talgentra supplies customer management, billing and revenue collection systems, and Gentrack is designed specifically for energy and water utilities and network companies.

Talgentra, which was developed and has its head office in New Zealand, was bought by ANZ Capital and the Bayard Group in December 2007.

Solar feed-in tariff meets with mixed reviews

[img:medium_flag_of_australia.thumbnail.gif| ]Melbourne, Australia --- (METERING.COM) --- May 13, 2008 – While government ministers are applauding the introduction of a solar feed-in tariff that they believe will encourage the use of alternative energy sources in the state, environmental bodies are not so sure

Brumby Government’s solar feed-in law a flop

Monday, May 5, 2008: Environment Victoria today expressed its extreme disappointment that the Brumby Government has failed to deliver the goods on its long-awaited solar feed-in tariff.

King Country Energy to deploy customer information and billing system

[img:KCE_0.gif| ]Taumarunui, New Zealand --- (METERING.COM) --- May 12, 2008 – King Country Energy, a New Zealand based energy retailer with over 20,000 customers, has selected the Gentrack Velocity Customer Information and Billing system from Talgentra. Gentrack, used in over 40 utility sites worldwide, will integrate key functional areas of King Country Energy’s customer and market facing operations, consolidating billing, credit collections, service request management and market data interchange.

Compulsory metering will identify waste of water

[img:australia-flag_0.gif| ]Murray Bridge, Australia --- (METERING.COM) --- May 9, 2008 – The Murray Irrigators group has suggested that compulsory metering should be introduced in the whole Murray-Darling Basin area, in order to identify where water is being wasted. The deployment of water meters at all the extraction points – something which is currently only being done in South Australia – would add transparency and accountability to the government’s national water plan.

Smart meter and BPL providers can leverage platforms beyond energy grid

[img:james.thumbnail_0.jpg|James Eades,
Chairman & CEO,
]Melbourne Australia --- (METERING.COM) --- May 5, 2008 - Telepathx Ltd., the Melbourne, Australia-based smart grid and wireless sensor network provider, will begin conditional licensing of its RFID (radio frequency identification) wireless sensor network (WSN) and communications aggregation technology to smart meter and broadband over power line manufacturers, a move the company said will allow energy providers and BPL operators a faster return on infrastructure investments.

Illegal connections a concern to Australian utility

[img:Ergon Energy_0.gif| ]Rockhampton, Australia --- (METERING.COM) --- April 15, 2008 – Ergon Energy, a provider of power to 600,000 customers in Queensland, has voiced concern over the increase in the number of illegal connections its field personnel are encountering during their daily tasks. Utility spokespeople suggest the trend is as a result of the hikes in electricity tariffs; when competition was introduced in the state in 2007, tariffs rose by 11 percent, and a further increase of at least 7 percent is expected in 2008.

Genesis Energy implements new billing and customer management solution

[img:genesis%20energy.thumbnail.jpg| ]Auckland, New Zealand --- (METERING.COM) --- April 14, 2008 – New Zealand energy retailer Genesis Energy gave the final approval to Talgentra to upgrade its enterprise billing and customer management solution on 14 August 2007, and the resulting deployment of Gentrack Velocity took just four months to complete.

Genesis Energy is a state-owned enterprise and New Zealand’s largest energy retailer, with more than 700,000 customer accounts. Known for its innovative customer care strategies and community involvement, Genesis Energy decided to enhance its systems and business processes to facilitate greater customer focus and billing accuracy as the core of its competitive strategy.

Genesis Energy to introduce smart meters

[img:genesis%20energy.thumbnail.jpg| ]Wellington, New Zealand --- (METERING.COM) --- March 31, 2008 – New Zealand utility Genesis Energy says it plans to install smart meters to 600,000 customers over the next few years, following the example set by other energy companies in the country

Genesis is the largest electric and gas supplier in New Zealand, and will use the smart meters to offer its customers a range of tariffs, including weekday, weekends and off-peak rates. The utility says it will obtain the meters from a consortium of suppliers, and that contracts will be signed shortly. The meters will all be leased from a third party, rather than being purchased outright.

National rollout of smart meters may not be justified in Australia

[img:MCE.thumbnail.jpg| ]Canberra, Australia --- (METERING.COM) --- March 10, 2008 - A mandatory national rollout of smart meters in Australia may not be justified, a comprehensive cost benefit analysis on smart metering and direct load control suggests.

In some jurisdictions, notably Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, the benefits are clear-cut. However, for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Tasmania and the Northern Territory the benefits are less clear and in addition in these jurisdictions there is unlikely to be significant demand response benefits.

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