Pay as you go meters popular down under


Peter Davis,
Chief Executive,
Hobart, Tasmania — (METERING.COM) — May 10, 2007 – Aurora Energy, a Tasmanian-based energy utility, has launched a pay-as-you-go (prepayment) option for customers – and already 43,000 have moved to the new metering system.

Aurora customers choosing the pay-as-you-go option apply to the utility, which charges a one-off fee of A$55 (US$45) for installation of the new meter. They receive a smart card that can be charged up at any Aurora recharge agent outlet, for amounts as little as A$10 (US$8) to a maximum of A$200 (US$166). When the card is inserted into the meter, the credit is displayed.

An amount of A$10 emergency credit is available for times when users run out of credit. When the credit gets down to A$5, the display screen on the meter reminds users that they will need to purchase more credit. It will also make the emergency credit available. As a further back-up, even if users run out of emergency credit between 3 pm and 10 am and all weekend, the power is not disconnected.

Aurora pay-as-you-go has different pricing structures, depending on whether customers are on a Standard (uncontrolled load) or OffPeak (controlled load) contract. There are pricing combinations for weekdays, weekends and different times of the year (summer rates apply from January to March, and mimimum rates apply the rest of the year). There are also concessions based on the Customer Concession Scheme for Energy initiative of the SA State Government.

Aurora chief executive Peter Davis says the meters offer multiple benefits. – cutting energy consumption, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions – because customers are able to change their consumption habits once they are able to establish how much power they are using at any given time..