Perth Energy gears up for market contestability


Cesare Tizi,
Country Manager,
Perth, Australia — (METERING.COM) — August 26, 2008 – Perth Energy, a supplier of electricity to commercial and industrial customers in Western Australia, has chosen Gentrack Velocity to deliver a new billing and customer management solution. The utility, which has a reputation for innovation, required the new system to manage its complex billing activities effectively, transform customer services and streamline and automate integration with other market participants in preparation for market contestability.

Following a review of market vendors and growth plans, a partnership with Gentrack to deliver its billing and customer management solution – Gentrack Velocity – was formed as the most cost effective and value adding option for Perth Energy’s retail business.

Gentrack’s Country Manager, and former AGL CIO, Cesare Tizi commented: “We are pleased to welcome Perth Energy to the family of utilities in Australia that have invested in Gentrack. Deployment of a new CIS is never an easy task, especially for retailers preparing for a competitive market and deploying a CIS for the first time. Our 100 per cent record of implementation success and the value our solutions and people can add to utility businesses are key factors in the projects we undertake and the long-term partnerships that we build. The Gentrack Velocity project at Perth Energy will be no exception.”

Gentrack’s billing and customer management solutions are being used in over 30 utilities across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

The Gentrack Velocity project includes the delivery of complex billing capabilities to support accurate billing and tariff management for Perth Energy’s commercial and industrial customers. Gentrack’s sophisticated and feature-rich time-of-use billing system is currently billing over 10,000 commercial and industrial customers at Origin Energy, one of Australia’s largest energy retailers. In addition, Gentrack also features customer management and prospecting tools that will support Perth Energy’s delivery of a range of green energy products and account management services that require a 360 degree view of a customer’s accounts and integrated workflows. The project is expected to be completed in late 2008.