Possible stock exchange listing for smart meter manufacturer

Auckland, New Zealand — (METERING.COM) — November 9, 2007 – Pulse Utilities NZ, a manufacturer of advanced metering solutions, hopes to list of the New Zealand stock exchange’s alternative market (NZAX) in the near future.

The company’s in-house designed and developed Pulse IMS uses advanced communication technologies to offer flexible and innovative automated meter reading solutions. Its end to end solutions incorporate meter and relay products, transaction engines, database, web interface and sophisticated communications, including power line carrier communications, GPRS, RF, broadband, SMS and dial-up.

The Pulse IMS enables remote access and control of meters and relays including accurate and reliable half hour consumption data, scheduled and unscheduled meter read capabilities, reconnect/disconnect, anti-tamper functionality, data analysis and profiling. It is designed with the flexibility to meet requirements for time of use metering, demand side management and prepayment.

Pulse has developed its own range of metering technology and is the exclusive partner for the ADDGrup brand of smart meters in Australia and New Zealand. The company was founded seven years ago by chief executive James Martin; its business model is based on offering customers lower cost electricity while retaining a fixed daily fee for asset rental and retail services, and it aims to   support 3.5 per cent of New Zealand’s electricity connection points within five years.

Executive chairman Don Purdon has announced that Pulse has sent its disclosure document to the NZAX and is waiting for a listing date.