Pricing for DA smart meter and smart cities licensing set by Telepathx


James Eades,
CEO, Telepathx
Melbourne, Australia — (METERING.COM) — May 23, 2011 – Melbourne-based smart grid developer Telepathx has announced today that pricing for its distribution asset (DA) management and smart cities platforms will be as low as one U.S. dollar per meter per year.

According to Telepathx CEO, James Eades, the base level platform that’s sits between meter data management systems (MDMS) and outage management systems (OMS) turn AMI/AMR infrastructure with wireless radio capacity into system wide asset management networks that can manage virtually any asset for every known fault, condition or event via newly developed smart grid sensory devices and virtual 3D GIS satellite imaging.

These technologies when utilizing this platform clearly open a new paradigm in asset management to the likes that have only been imagined. What is being delivered is the ability to reduce unplanned system outage and outage frequencies to historic lows while increasing system reliability and energy efficiency over the entire network.

The company has also entered into a strategic development alliance with Ohio-based Exacter Inc, that will see Exacters outage avoidance system become a permanent fixture for asset managers not just for AMI/AMR applications but for rural asset management as well.

Exacter`s patented fault signature matching technology provides energy companies the ability to monitor and identify faults and conditions on any asset at the earliest possible stage, conditions that cannot be detected by the human eye or by the means of thermal imaging such as minute arcing and tracking or loose ties and fittings.

Making this technology available to asset managers 24/7 using the Telepathx smart metering platform will have a very real and substantial impact.

The asset management platform can also be upgraded to the “smart cities” platform, with some of the services that can now be offered including providing the ability to detect and monitor floods and fires and simulate them in real time, managing transportation assets, and detecting auto accidents or provide low cost home based security and health care services. Applications are being developed to benefit every community based essential service.