Sigfox to deploy IoT network in Australia and New Zealand


In a press statement, Sigfox said that Thinxtra will deploy its network for use by businesses and residential consumers in the two countries.

The network which has to date been rolled out in 14 countries, connecting more than 7m devices will provide coverage to 30% of all Australians and New Zealanders by the end of 2016, states Sigfox.

The partnership is aimed at extending coverage of the network to 85% of the countries’ total population within 18 months.

[quote] Under the project, Thinxtra will be assisted in the deployment of the network by New Zealand-based telecoms solutions provider Rakon.

Loic Barancourt, CEO of Thinxtra commented: “Australia and New Zealand businesses are early adopters of the IoT and we have already identified a huge demand for innovative applications in multiple sectors, such as asset tracking and management, smart metering for utilities, smart irrigation, crop monitoring and cattle tracking for the agriculture sector, as well as a wide range of smart-city solutions.”

“The investment in Thinxtra provides Rakon with an excellent opportunity to leverage future IoT business opportunities, thanks to the company’s core technology and ability to develop new products for the IoT market,” said Brent Robinson, CEO of Rakon.

Sigfox said the development falls under its plans to extend its operations into the whole of the Asia-Pacific region within the next three years.

The company is also targeting to roll-out its technology to more than 30 countries and being present in all continents.

Sigfox in Europe

In mid February, the company announced that it will deploy its IoT network across Germany, with a nationwide rollout expected before the end of 2017.

The deployment would mark the 14th country where the Sigfox network is deployed or under a national rollout.

The network will enable new IoT solution, more pervasive Industry 4.0 and continuous coverage from the Mediterranean Sea to Scandinavia, said Sigfox.

The company’s executive vice president for global sales and partners said: “Germany is a very important market. [The] commitment to deploy a national network reflects this.”

Extending IoT communications network reach 

Apart from its deployment in Germany, intended to bring energy efficiency benefits to German companies, entrepreneurs and developers, the Sigfox network will be extended to an adjoining area of Western Europe stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Scandinavia.

The IoT communications network will be extended from the Mediterranean Sea to Scandinavia
The primary market segments for the IoT network in Germany include, consumer and industrial goods, manufacturing industries, the supply chain, asset management, predictive maintenance and a variety of applications supporting Industry 4.0 – Germany’s major initiative for smart manufacturing.

The global cellular connectivity provider is reported to be working with a local ecosystem of silicon vendors, product manufacturers and distribution partners in Germany to accelerate the development of  IoT and integrate the Sigfox protocol into a wide range of applications.