Smart energy grid monitoring solution


Melbourne, Australia — (METERING.COM) — September 27, 2007 – A new communications and sensor platform that reduces the financial burden on energy companies when adapting smart energy grid monitoring technologies will be rolled out in 2008. It is called the G-Spot Super Node, and has been developed by Telepathx Ltd., a developer of reactive sensor network technology.

The multi-frequency wireless platform uses communications aggregation technology, which allows users to go beyond the energy grid and consolidate large numbers of revenue generating asset monitoring services onto a single wireless operating platform. Analysts estimate that consolidation model will reduce the overall investment and fees needed by utilities and energy companies by as much as 80%.

The G-Spot Super Node will assist with demand response initiatives. It offers self-managing intelligence capabilities, locating faults on the grid quickly and accurately, thus minimizing outage problems.

Telepathx has spent several years developing low cost reactive RFID (radio frequency identification) sensing technology specifically for the distribution grid, and the company is now working with switchgear manufacturers to embed the technology. The company is also working on the integration of AMR services for electric, gas and water utilities.