Smart grid alliance formed in Australia


Sydney, Australia — (METERING.COM) — September 30, 2008 – A new industry alliance representing government, industry and non-government interests has been established to assist in building a smart power grid in Australia.

Named Smart Grid Australia, the alliance is a non-profit, non-partisan body dedicated to an enhanced, modernized electric system. The alliance will highlight the impact a smarter energy grid will have on climate change and how it can help deliver significant environmental benefits through lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Founding members of Smart Grid Australia include representatives from the power, telecommunications and IT industries, manufacturers, energy investors, relevant government agencies, as well as research and non-profit organizations.

“By bringing together key players, experts and interested parties to assist industry and government, we can be an important source of ideas, inspiration, and influence,” says Paul Budde, managing director of BuddeComm and the alliance founder and facilitator. “We can play an instrumental role in finding the solutions that will move the country to quickly adopt an intelligent, digitally empowered electric system.”

Spun out of an earlier alliance of power industry telco managers, UtiliTel, Smart Grid Australia has a much broader agenda in its push for a future electric system that is technically, operationally and environmentally robust.

Workgroups will lobby and educate politicians and government departments on smart grids, assist in commercializing innovative products and services, negotiate subsidies, help to develop a regulatory regime and investigate new grid technologies. As well, the alliance will serve as a vital source of information.

Smart Grid Australia Members include Alinta, Country Energy, Current Group, IBM Australia, Integral Energy, Itron Australasia, Landys+Gyr, Optus, Powerlink, Silk Telecom, Transgrid, United Energy Distribution, and Unwired Australia.