Smart Grid Australia launches Smart Grid Research and Development Roadmap


Charles Popple,
Chairman, Smart
Grid Australia
Surrey Hills, Australia — (METERING.COM) — July 26, 2011 – Smart Grid Australia (SGA) has developed a Research and Development Roadmap outlining key areas of research needed to support the rollout of smart grids in Australia.

The Australian government is currently investing about $100 million in a commercial scale, demonstration smart grid project under the Smart Grid, Smart City (SGSC) program, which includes research and development of smart grid technologies.

The Roadmap identifies specific high impact research topics as:

  • Smart metering systems and consumer engagement
  • Control systems for networks
  • Grid security measures and systems
  • Policy and regulatory settings.

To encourage research-based deployments of smart grids that drive the benefits of the technology, SGA recommends that all smart grid demonstration projects, regardless of size, should have a strong R&D component, particularly around the high impact research topics, and that research efforts investigate the needs of different Australian stakeholders to identify ways to address their most urgent and appropriate energy issues.

Further on-going research should be conducted into systems-based, independent, objective ways of assessing real progress in smart grids in the Australian electricity industry and market, in order to be able to compare Australian market developments, gaps and research activities, and learnings with others.

“The necessary national rollout of smart grids will require considerable research and development to bring these new technologies into Australia’s energy networks,” commented Charles Popple, Chairman of SGA. “We need to test these new technologies and understand how they will interact in a network environment, in order to optimize our operations from the consumer right back to energy generation. To do this we need strong partnerships with our research community.”