Smart meter and BPL providers can leverage platforms beyond energy grid


James Eades,
Chairman & CEO,
Melbourne Australia — (METERING.COM) — May 5, 2008 – Telepathx Ltd., the Melbourne, Australia-based smart grid and wireless sensor network provider, will begin conditional licensing of its RFID (radio frequency identification) wireless sensor network (WSN) and communications aggregation technology to smart meter and broadband over power line manufacturers, a move the company said will allow energy providers and BPL operators a faster return on infrastructure investments.

James Eades, Telepathx Chairman & CEO, said in his address to energy officials today the move was necessary because it was obvious to many in the industry that there is no one clear solution available for developing the smart grid, and that the consolidating of technologies was necessary to physically enable distribution asset communications.

“It’s very evident that both smart meter & BPL platforms have fallen short on delivering the intelligent energy grid, and that by integrating the sensory network platform into smart meter and BPL platforms it would fill the tremendous gap left behind in the distribution network and deliver an intelligent energy grid from end to end.

“We and many switchgear OEMs look at the state of these platforms – specifically the current generation of smart meters – and see another wasted opportunity, simply because they just haven’t gone far enough from a grid automation perspective. It’s a single-use system and, given the cost involved, we think future smart meter deployments should have the capacity to go beyond the grid and generate revenues to cover the cost of these multi billion dollar AMR/AMI rollouts being planned. This is what our platform was designed to do.”

Market analyst April Sommers said: “From the hardware and software we have seen this development would be very significant.” She predicts it may be enough to persuade many energy companies currently sitting on the AMI fence to start implementing their smart meter strategies sooner because there is now a clear path and solution available for every appliance on the distribution network.