Smart meter installation audit in Victoria


Melbourne, Australia — (METERING.COM) — February 11, 2011 – Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is preparing to undertake an audit of all companies involved in the installation of smart meters in Victoria.

The move follows an incident of a woman receiving an electric shock after the smart meter was wrongly installed. The Highett woman received the shock when she touched an outdoor tap.

Commenting that this is the first incident of its type reported to ESV out of the approximately 460,000 smart meters installed across the state, ESV director of energy safety Paul Fearon said it is a very serious incident and the organization is investigating it thoroughly.

“Prosecutions may proceed against the installer responsible and his employer for breaches of the Electricity Safety Act and electricity safety regulations,” said Fearon adding: “Unfortunately incorrect electricity connections do happen but other than the incident in question, they have not involved the installation of smart meters.”

United Energy, the distribution company in whose area the incident occurred, is also conducting its own enquiries and it will check a large number of the smart meters installed by the person responsible for the Highett incident.