Smart metering and sustainable water pricing initiative


Smart metering and sustainable water

The Water Smart Australia Programme project in Hervey Bay, Queensland has been won by Elster Metering (Pty) Ltd. The project will involve the installation of an AMR ‘smart’ water metering system on residential properties across Hervey Bay.

Elster Metering will instal their 20 mm V100 water meter connected to the Datamatic Firefly radio module. Funding of Aus$5.4 million (US$4.2 million) towards the project is being provided by the Australian Government, together with Wide Bay Water, the water authority for the City of Hervey Bay, which is situated about 23 0 km north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

The project is also believed to be a world first, offering time-of-use billing for domestic water, with the objective of shifting peak demand. Other objectives include pinpointing water network losses, reducing infrastructure spend, reducing water usage and increasing the value of water. The system gives Wide Bay Water the option of capturing billing and event data rapidly and only downloading profile data when required.

The project will have 20,000 units installed, with supply and installation commencing in early 2007 and project completion by midyear.