Utility Metering Association announces annual industry seminar


Maria Cugnetto,
Executive Director,
Sydney, Australia — (METERIG.COM) — August 19, 2009 – The Australasian Utility Metering Association (UMA) is to hold its 2009 annual industry seminar in Sydney, Australia on October 20, as a pre-conference seminar to the Metering Billing/CRM Australia & New Zealand conference.

The seminar will address current industry issues in the Australian and New Zealand markets with a focus on revenue risk with respect to interval meter data in an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) environment, and IT risks and security and AMI issues and challenges in particular. Topics to be discussed include billing software and the computer science aspects of cracking encryption systems in use today. Research being done to develop cryptographic algorithms will also be discussed as the enormous computing power by quantum computers is expected to present critical cyber security threats.

The UMA has also looked beyond metering and will deliver an agenda that will highlight the complexities associated with data as experienced in other industries including the banking and financial sectors. The range of presentations in this year’s one-day program is expected to interest a vast spectrum of industry delegates, not just utilities (electricity, gas and water).

The guest speaker will be Judi Jones, the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner in New Zealand, who will give an overview of the experiences in New Zealand with consumer complaints, queries and volumes of meter data in an AMI environment.

The afternoon session will comprise a workshop, “Business processes for new technologies,” looking at detecting problems with interval meter data and there will be a demonstration of tests to detect data manipulation. The workshop facilitators are Geoff Rhodes from Attachmate Pty Ltd, who has over 28 years’ experience in the ICT and defense sectors, and Guerlain Appriou, a consultant with experience in energy trading, portfolio and asset management and data warehousing solutions for the financial market.

For more information, visit the UMA website at www.utilitymeteringassociation.com