Utility Metering Association Website


Since its inaugural meeting in February 2007, the Utility Metering Association (UMA) committee has met monthly and has been active in improving the website. As specified at the launch in Brisbane, the website will be the main forum where utility professionals and nonprofessionals (electricity, gas, water, irrigation) can discuss and debate issues associated with the development of a holistic, strategic approach to metering systems.

Recently added sections on the website include Latest News and Coming Events. Latest News takes you to our global associate, www.smart-energy.com, where you will be able to keep abreast with all the developments and news happening in the metering environment around the globe. Coming Events lists many global seminars and conferences pertaining to smart metering and metering, billing and CRM. Feel free to submit other up coming events and seminars, and feedback and news for members are also welcomed.

For members wanting to access agendas and minutes of the UMA meetings, the Membership Login area on the website is the place to go. Short term periods of membership are available, as well as full annual membership. Details of membership fees are available on application. Financial members will also have access to other material including reports, papers and research studies.

Sponsors are welcome to be part of the UMA with logos prominently displayed on the Home Page and links to their respective websites. It is envisaged that a listing of metering service providers and energy service providers will become a feature of the UMA website. The various categories include AMR Systems, Communications Infrastructure, Meter Data Management Software/Services, Meter Reading, Meter Repair/ Replacement Services, Meters and Consulting services.

The UMA pre-conference session will take place on 22 October 2007 in Melbourne, as part of the Metering, Billing/ CRM Australia & New Zealand Conference. The annual preconference session will provide the opportunity for members to meet and discuss issues of interest in the industry. Members will also be able to progress debate on items that have been discussed in the discussion forums. Discussion forums of interest include AMR/AMM/AMI, Demand Management/Energy Efficiency and Interval Metering Infrastructure.

Suggestions for making the website more interactive are most welcome. All correspondence for the website, discussion forums and sponsorship is to be directed to
Maria Cugnetto,
Founder, Utility Metering Association at