Victoria electric vehicle trial launched


Tim Pallas,
Victoria’s Roads
and Ports Minister
Melbourne, Australia — (METERING.COM) — February 15, 2010 – Victoria’s government has launched a comprehensive five-year electric vehicle trial aimed at collecting real-world information on the use of electric vehicles in the local conditions.

The trial, part of the government’s $38 billion Victorian Transport Plan, is intended to help position Victoria as an electric vehicle friendly location, and to inform an easier and quicker transition to an environment where Victorians increasingly opt for clean electric vehicles.

Information that will be collected will relate to the market for electric vehicles, both initially and as it matures, the interrelationship between the use of electric vehicles on driver behavior, refuelling patterns, vehicle performance and efficiency, and the potential implications of electric vehicles for electricity consumption, management of electricity demand, times of day of recharging, impact on greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutant emissions

“Victorians are looking for new ways to cut their carbon emissions and this trial will identify whether or not electric cars powered by renewable energy are a practical alternative to petrol and diesel powered transport,” said Victoria’s roads and ports minister, Tim Pallas. “There is no doubt that electric cars have the potential to be a major part of travel on our roads well into the future.”

The government has issued an Invitation to Participate to electric vehicle providers, private and government fleets, recharge infrastructure providers, electricity suppliers, distributors and retailers and those able to help collect data for the trial.

The aim is to have around 30 electric vehicles during the five-year trial and to include a range of providers in order to assess how they would interact, reflecting the variety of providers likely to develop in the market.