Brazil improves management of water distribution

Brazilian utility holding company AEGEA will help its member utility 'Nascentos do Xingu' deploy event management solution firm TaKaDu’s technology.

The integrated event management solution will be deployed to help Nascentos do Xingu improve management of its water distribution networks in the country’s Mato Grosso region.

Nascentes do Xingu manages water distribution networks in 29 Brazilian municipalities, including 24 in Mato Grosso and five in Amazon State to serve 930, 000 inhabitants.

The solution is expected to help Nascentes do Grosso to increase the life span of its water distribution infrastructure through quick identification of water leaks and sensor failures.

The technology will be used to understand water usage patterns for the development of personalised water efficiency initiatives.

The decision by AEGEA to use TaKaDU’s events management solution follows the successful implementation of the technology within the water distribution networks operated by the holding company in Rio de Janeiro State, and Aguas Guariroba in Campo Grande.

Marco Aurelio Silva, responsible for R&D at AEGEA, said: “TaKaDu has triggered a cultural change at AEGEA, enabling us to be more proactive when it comes to managing problems in the network and encouraging knowledge sharing between department and external contractors. TaKaDu’s event management has helped us to measure and reduce water loss, shorten repair cycles, detect faulty meters and other malfunctions, and improve customer service. We’re now in the process of centralising our operations at a management level while maintaining local control and TaKaDu will play a significant part in this process, allowing greater visibility at the network level.”

TaKaDu has partnered with Brazilian-based smart water and IT solutions firm Optimale for the deployment of  its smart water solution with AEGEA and its subsidiary companies since 2013.

Water distribution management

In mid-October, Chile-based utility company Essbio partnered with the Israeli firm (TaKaDu) to roll out its IoT cloud-based event management solution to improve its efforts to conserve water resources and help its 2.5 million consumers reduce their water bills.

In addition, the solution will help Essbio modernise its distribution system to meet growing demands of smart water due to rapid increases in its customer base.

Essbio said it believes the system will help it in meeting customer demands in future, as the utility continuously faces challenges in the management of its network due to water shortages. [Taiwan utility signs Israel firm for distribution management].

TaKaDU will be assisted by consulting firm G&A Consultores to integrate its software to help the utility firm manage its 2, 400km pipeline.

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